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New and used auto parts in Montreal.

American and imported car parts.

Fast delivery of auto parts in the Montreal area free of charge.


We have thousands of recycled auto parts in perfect condition to offer you at a very affordable price. Here every disassembled part of a vehicle is inspected and cleaned before being put into inventory for sale, this guarantees you a recycled piece of quality and guarantee. We also have new car parts available for you at a competitive price. We make fast delivery of auto parts in the Montreal area at no cost

Car repair Montréal

Mechanical problem? We can pick up your vehicle and make the necessary repairs so you can get back on the road quickly. We repair everything for you, change engine, transmission, or any other mechanical parts necessary for the proper functioning of your vehicle. All repairs require the right tools and experience to avoid wasting time and money, so be assured that with our seasoned mechanics your vehicle will be in good hands.


We have a wide selection of winter tires and used summer tires of any size for all vehicle models in order to offer you the largest possible choice of tires for you and this has a fraction fraction of the price of new tires .
 If you would prefer to buy new tires for your vehicle, we have available for you from all the biggest brands. Our specialists will help you make a wise choice in terms of tires.

Purchase of used vehicle in Montreal pay the best price.

Car Recycling Montreal

Whether your vehicle is in good or bad condition we will get rid of it without any problem, we respect the environment standards Canada. Your vehicle will be properly recycled and guaranteed, and you will also receive a receipt for the SAAQ, which relieves you of any liability to the vehicle

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